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how to increase nursing faculty

in St. Louis. From 1993 to 1997, he worked for AMS Services Inc. as a Novell System support representative, online coordinator and technical analyst. Awards received by McMillian while at MAC include the Missouri Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, and Missouri Association for Career and Technical Education, Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2017; Faculty Member of the Year in 2013 and 2016; Missouri Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2013; Missouri Phi Beta Lambda Adviser of the Year, and Outstanding Business Education, SEMO District Business Education Association in 2006; Outstanding Business Educator, Post-Secondary, Missouri Business Education Association in 2005. McMillian holds several degrees, including a Master of Business Administration from Missouri Baptist University in 2008; Master of Science in Education from Southwest Baptist University in 1999; Bachelor’s Degree in Business Education from Southeast Missouri State University in 1986; an associate degree from MAC in 1984 and a certificate in data processing from Leadbelt Area Vocational School, the precursor to UniTec, in 1982. McMillian has worked on a number of projects related to the college’s regional accreditation, attended Leadership Academy in 2010, and has been instrumental on a number of committees, special projects, strategic plans and academic advisory and implementation efforts. In other action, the board heard the latest enrollment numbers for the summer and fall semesters from Dean of Students Jean Merrill-Doss. “We are almost through the second week of classes and currently summer enrollment is down about 5 percent and about 44 percent in headcount and about 451 in credit hours, or about 9 percent,” she said. “For fall we are down about 9 percent in headcount and about 7 percent in credit hours.

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