How Much Do Nursing Faculty Make: What You Should Know According To Industry Leaders

how to retain nursing faculty

She discovered students were learning in silos, not connecting what they learned in one class to another. “My challenge was to organize the new material, review previously learned concepts, and promote RN level thinking,” she said. “I knew I wanted to flip the classroom.” The students would do the homework and the knowledge and comprehension piece and Turner would be responsible for creating the opportunity for the students to apply the information they had learned. Turner discovered the best way to teach nursing is to bring clinical to the classroom. There would be lectures and labs, covering one chapter per session, with the goal to build on a knowledge base and application abilities. The first session was a lab session on assessment of a patient with neurological problems. The students did some pre-class work and Turner provided activities. The second session was a lecture for 70 students and Turner offered case studies on bacterial meningitis and Parkinson’s. The next session was on spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis with videos added to the student’s pre-class work. The students were divided into small groups so they were all given the opportunity to work together, Turner said. During a rehabilitation lab students participated as the nurse and the patient.

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